Why choose us?

We are independent, working with you to design and create customised solutions to fuse business stratgey, organisational processes and information technology to create innovation and growth.

The benefits you will achieve from our engagement will be:

  1. Our capability and demonstrable track record of success spanning a broad range of industries, geographies and operational scale.

  2. Our core competencies which cover business, project management and technical capabilities.

  3. Our ability to work with a range of solution providers and systems integrators in the delivery of solutions; we are diligent in maintaining complete independence in our provision of consulting services to our clients.

  4. To seek and ensure the ‘bigger picture’ is constantly in focus during planning and approach strategies are taking into account all factors that contribute to success in the eyes of the stakeholders.

  5. Our professional non-biased, independent approach to fulfil the deliverables through active communication.

  6. Our approach to add value through mentoring the people we work with, thus helping you to achieve a better value outcome (providing the compliance necessary for well governed decision making).

  7. To seek and maintain a professional persona at all times and escalate issues to our clients, as and when appropriate.

  8. To work with people from JamesPratt.com with interpersonal skills and an understanding of varied cultural environments.

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