Increase your response with seasonal tie ins

We have been talking about one of my favourite subjects, which is direct mail and specifically the three BIG factors to consider in the all important opening. Now let me reveal the fourth extra factor to consider which is some type of seasonal tie-in...if appropriate.

People are very, very conscious of holidays and tend to be very responsive to offers logically linked to a given holiday. Again to use our example of selling a home cleaning maid service, I can immediately think of two seasonal tie-in opportunities, spring and Christmas. 

For example, we'll give your house a thorough spring cleaning for half price and show you how you can permanently resign your position as housewife at a shockingly low cost. 

Or it's time for spring cleaning but you are too busy to do it. We'll show you how to resign your position as housewife now and maybe forever. 

Obviously the same approach could be used in October concerning getting the house ready for the Christmas holidays. 

Once you've established your premise and gotten the person interested enough to start reading with your opening you now have to sell your proposition with copy. Make no mistake about this... it is copy that sells.

Many amateurs and many lazy professionals insists on keeping copy short, on leaving a lot of 'white space,' on worrying about how much copy the customer will read.  

Interested people will read everything interesting that you have to say about an interesting offer.  

There is no such thing as copy that is too long.  Copy can be too dull.  Copy can be too difficult to read.  Copy can be directed at the wrong people but it can never be too long.  

There is a little trick used to improve the readability of copy and to keep the reader moving through the copy as well as to sell the person who skims and does not read the copy no matter how short or long it is. 

I would like to reveal that trick to you in just a couple of days.

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